blog post for 4/3

18 Apr

I have used internet data in an unethical way a few times. Before I even knew about the copyright laws, I would plagarize stuff from off of the internet. I always cited direct quotes and things but I had no idea that it was plagarizing if you even take an idea from something off of the internet. I learned my Senior year of high school about the rules when taking something off of the internet. Like if you were to take music off of the internet you can only use 30 seconds, i think? and if you take a picture you have to state where you got it from. I think the copyright laws are super confusing and complicated and I dont even fully understand them. I think they should state the laws a little more clearly and even maybe even loosen up on them. Even the slightest things used from someone can cause a lot of problems and there would be a lot of different violations. ….It definitely helped get the point across by using the inspirational music to get the imagination of the person watching going. It used good pictures and visuals to portray the message. The colors also helped set the mood during the movie.


blog post number 3 for 3/20

27 Mar

I’m at a dilemma, I’m wondering if I should bring up the whole animal cruelty in our food supply thing in my paper. If I included it then that would mean I would have more than 3 topics that I’m discussing and I don’t want to through too much at the reader or they could get overwhelmed and may not absorb anything I’m saying. Plus that would take a lot of extra work. But I feel like it is important, however though, it is a completely different topic than what I’m talking about in my paper. I also wanted to talk about pit-bull fighting, and why its wrong and where its prevalent and how to stop it. But then I would go off on a tangent about wildlife animals in different countries and pouters, and the selling of exotic animals, hunting, fishing, manufacturing of animals skins, and so on. My paper would last of days. Hmm, I don’t know maybe I’ll just stick to what I got, and go from there.

blog post number 2 for 3/20

27 Mar

This research project has really inspired me to go back to the animal shelter and work, I haven’t been in a while. I could possibly get some more extra information and a different perspective and opinions on animal abuse. They would have a lot of stories and could give me first hand incite on the situation. I really do miss those animals, maybe I will go back. I wonder if Robeson county has a big problem with animal abuse, and strays and such. I know the shelter gets in a lot of animals that many people just dump onto them and they can’t all fit and they sometimes have to reject them, or they send them to a different shelter maybe, I wonder what no-kill shelters do in these instances. I wonder if we could ever ban kill shelters, like SPCA. I hate that animals have to die, but it is kind of necessary otherwise they will overpopulate and become an even bigger problem. hmmm..

blog post number one for 3/20

27 Mar

My research is completely done, I have all my sources and have now finished my annotated bibliography completely and am currently working on my review of literature. I have about 2 pages so far with one once source actually put in.I have discovered the different perspectives that society has on animal abuse, espcially in law enforcement. They dont take reports of animal abuse as seriously as they should. I need to talk more on prevention, how to prevent abuse and raise awareness. I need to elaborate more on why people abuse animals, psychological disorders, and why people may not report this crime. Background information they would need to know is statistics, how many animals are abused each year, why its a problem. I have all the things I need to finish this project, all my sources, ideas, prompts, everything. I have no holes, all my work is prepped and ready to be written, and I am currently working on that process. It should be completely done very soon and ready for evaluation.

Second Annotated Bib.

13 Mar



Animal abuse can be correlated with psychological disorders.

PASSIVE CRUELTY: There are two main categories of animal abuse; Active cruelty and passive cruelty. Passive cruelty is animal neglect, where the animals are left unattended, left to fend for food or water, or no place to stay. But this kind of neglect leads to incredible pain and suffering. “Examples of neglect are starvation, dehydration, parasite infestations, allowing a collar to grow into an animal’s skin, inadequate shelter in extreme weather conditions, and failure to seek veterinary care when an animal needs medical attention”.

ACTIVE CRUELTY: active cruelty, is more malicious with an intent to harm or kill the animal. This form of abuse can be noted with some serious psychological issues, and can be directly linked to domestic abuse. Researchers have found that people with animal abuse problems have experienced or will develop domestic abuse.

Research Project- Animal Abuse 1st Annotated Bib.

6 Mar


Rollin, Bernard E. Animal Rights and Human Morality. Buffalo: Prometheus Books, 1981. Book.

These Quotes and the information that is written below was found from one of the books I found at the library on animal rights. This is one of the sources being used towards my entire research. I’m not entirely sure if I did this right so any feedback on this would be much appreciated!!

Animals have been with men throughout humanity. “It is clear that the dog has played a unique and important role in the development of man, having been with man since the birth of humanity” (Rollin 154). Evidence has even found that in China, tame wolves were associated with man society about 500,000 years ago. Man has shaped the dog into all kinds of physical and personality forms that can not live outside our society. We have changed the dogs natural pack into, humans being the pack and the master being the pack leader. Man needs dog and other pets for ex: gaurdian of the home, warrior and messenger, playmate and protector of children, etc, just like dog and other pets is dependent on man for physical needs, behavioral needs, etc. “This has long been recognized in many cultures”(155).

“These Eskimos would lay the head of a deceased dog in a child’s grave so that the soul of the dog, which is everywhere at home, would guide the helpless infant to the land of souls” (155).  Psychiatrists and mental health professionals have found that children and adults who are severely distrubed, autisitic, or unresponsive to treatment can be reached through animals. When they don’t  talk to other humans they will talk to the animals. It gives sick people something to live for. “When something needs you, you don’t allow yourself to be sick” (155). ……”There is all sorts of anecdotal evidence indicating that lonely and sick people can enjoy immeasurable improvement in the quality of life when they have a living creature for which to live; something that needs them, something to give and receive love”(155).

“Michael Fox has suggested that the purring of a cat can serve as a tranquilizer, a benign relaxant for alleviating tension”(156). Animals can be the cure to many psychological hardships that one encounters. When dealing with trying to get through a tough school, or just trying to get by in a tough life animals are always right there with us, patient and understanding.

“About 12 percent of the total number of dogs born in the United States are killed by animal control people-by shooting, carbon monoxide, injection, decompression, and even electrocution. Millions more die in automobile accidents or by starvation after they have been turned loose by owners” (158).

Throughout this entire book the author tells various different stories or personal encounters, this particular thing he mentions in his book literally brought a tear to my eye..”On one occasion, I saw a car stop, throw out a German shepherd, and speed away. I will always remember watching the dog chase the car down the road until it could run no more” (159).

Research Project post #2

5 Mar

The first book I have started reading does not make much sense to me, its really hard to follow and often brings religion into his perspectives. I don’t want to bring religion into my research because that is a more opinion based argument than it is factual, and its controversial. I’m trying to figure out citations and what information I want to use in my annotated bibliography. I want to use some internet resources too to find some information and I’ll use that towards my annotated bibliographies. I have learned from this book that animals, just like humans, have a right to life, and should be treated fairly. It talks more on the morals of aniamls and humans. It talks more on the politcal aspect of animal rights and where it fits in independence and freedom.